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I’m 35 years old, married to the love of my life, and have 4 beautiful children. I’ve been a travel blogger for 2.5 years and this is my second travel website.

I’ve been blogging about locations all over the world on my general travel site (theunknownenthusiast.com), and have written articles about many cities and countries around the world, as well as many United States destinations. 

While I wrote a number of articles about the US on my other site, I’ve realized that the more I travel around the United States, the more I’ve fallen in love with all the incredible cities, towns, mountains, national parks, beaches, lakes, rivers – you name it! – around the country. 

I wanted to start this website to create a resource dedicated to exploring and sharing the best of the United States for all kinds of travelers.

Here, you’ll find detailed guides to locations all over the country (and not just the big, bucket list spots like NYC and LA)

A little bit more about me!

I was born and raised in Minnesota, and grew up loving life on the lakes. 

I then spent 11 years going to school and working in Utah. The mountains in the west immediately captured my heart! The Southwest (Arizona, Utah, Nevada) is one of my absolute favorite parts of the country. 

The last 6 years we’ve lived in Alabama, and this region of the country has also charmed my socks off. If you haven’t visited the beaches on the Florida panhandle, put it on your bucket list!

I’ll take a flaky biscuit and fried chicken all day any day, and brisket is my preferred form of barbecue. I love the mild winters and beautiful crepe myrtle trees in summer (even though the humidity might kill me)

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